OpenBMCS FG-32

This product comes with everything you need to produce control strategies and appealing graphics. Generate history logs and send alarms. It also has I/O 16 UI, 8 DO and 8 UO.

Included modules
  • Sedona VM
  • User administrator
  • Programming
  • Graphics
  • Histories
  • Alarms
  • OpenManagement Installable
ARM 9 S3C2410 200MHz Main Processor
M3 Cortex Processor for the I/O
16 Mbyte NOR Flash
64 Mbyte SDRAM
SD Card Reader
1 x 10/100 Ethernet Port
1 x Mini USB
2 x RS485
SuperCap Apps Backup
24V AC/DC Power
Hardware Security ID

$1500.00 USD

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