Article No. 7

AHR Expo 2016

written by OpenBMCS

I will be attending this year's AHR Expo but will not be exhibiting. If you are attending I would love to sit down and show you our products. If you have spare time please email me and I will endeavour to schedule you for some time to demonstrate our new and existing products. Even if you don't have time for a sit down we might be able to chat about what you are needing in the market and what we might be able to do to help you win your next job.

Article No. 5

New Touch Screen Available

written by OpenBMCS

Launching today: Android Based, Fully Customisable Touch Screen.

We have launched a brand new device to our shop front today, using the android system you are familiar with. This allows you to set up the screen exactly the way you want it. When you purchase this device, you will receive a walk through of how to set up the device to run a simple kiosk system so that you can get started immediately.

Once set up, simply point it at your Open BMCS and it’s ready to go!

No more complex set ups with insecure passwords or work arounds. The system secures itself to the OpenBMCS server and is verified on each request. This way you have the ability to connect multiple touch screens, all with different information

Article No. 4

Simple Networks

written by OpenBMCS

Ever had trouble getting your Modbus or BACNet interface working? We just finished our new Network User Interface which will make connecting to BACnet and Modbus extremely easy. It makes HLI simple for everyone. The creation steps will follow your processes better and will allow you to be up and running with your interface in a few button clicks. We have spent quite a lot of time fleshing out exactly what is needed to make the different drivers (there are currently only two Modbus and BACNet) work and what can be done programmatically and what can’t. We have spent time making sure our choices will make working in the field a lot easier too. I hope you like the new addition.

Please contact us if you would like a demonstration (this feature is locked out of the demo at the moment, we are hoping to have it included by the end of the month)

Remember with the new mini server you can grab a device with a 5 controller license for under $500 USD, an extremely low price for a Building Automation System which can power a building and more!

Article No. 3

New Mini Server

written by OpenBMCS

As of today we have just added a new server for people to order. There are many benefits of this new server.

It's a Quad core 64- bit chip which means it's VERY fast. In reality it means that all of the scripts run very quick and there is less time waiting for things to happen.

It's got 32GB of eMMC this means boot times are extremely quick and data integrity it much more reliable

It's less than HALF the cost of our next server! This means you get a much better machine and a hugely discounted price!

Now for $500 you can have the entire software package and hardware required to run an entire building! It's cheaper than an EasyIO FG controller for an entire BMS! There is nothing that competes at this level, with the Quality! Get in quick and use the code “miniserverlaunch” and get a further $50 off a purchase! A BMS for $450!

Article No. 2

AHR Expo And The Trials Of Airlines

written by OpenBMCS

Over the last three days we have had a booth at the AHR Expo. Unfortunately due to the airline losing our bags we had no professional display.

If you were heading to the show to look at our equipment we sincerely apologise. We were there but, unfortunately the first day was spent in vain attempting to recover our display. The airline appears to have taken none of our urgent pleas seriously, and the day after the show we are still waiting on the airline to locate our bags.

If you need any information on the software and its future directions, please contact us and we will make sure you have any information you need. Please take advantage of our 30 day trial of the software, this is an online demo with a device already connected. You can also contact us directly for a guided display of the software or with any other questions via our website.

Article No. 1

New OpenBMCS Web Site Launch

written by OpenBMCS

Finally we have lift off!
Our newly revamped site is up and running. It’s been designed from the ground up to be great no matter what device you are on! We have spent a lot of time making everything simple from start to finish. Please come and check it out.

We are almost finished our prep for the AHR Expo now so please be one of the first to check out what is happening on the website. I will be posting articles directly from our stand each day of the event with updates of things that are happening including interviews and any other information that comes up as part of the show.