Getting Started

It’s quick and easy to get started with OpenBMCS, it takes no time at all.


Selecting what you need

We have made selecting the correct products easy.

1. You will need the hardware to run the OpenBMCS software.

2. You will need to decide on the number of controllers you need to connect to.

The software is licensed per connected Sedona device. If you make a mistake or need to increase the number of controllers you can connect to, it’s a very simple process through the admin portal. There is a $50 administration fee on top of the difference in price between connection licenses.



There are a number of different ways of ordering our system depending on your current distribution arrangements. You can order directly from us or you can order from your current provider.

Either way, you will get the same product and service from us.

We do not preload any special software on the controllers so you are free to buy compliant controllers through your current arrangements.

*Please be aware that different controllers have different levels of compliance with our software.

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We have made the installation process as simple as possible.

You will need the license number you were sent during ordering, your username & password and an internet connection.

1. Connect the power cable and a network cable to the server and turn it on. You can complete the installation either directly on the server by connecting a keyboard, mouse and screen, or from an internet browser on another PC by typing in the initial static IP address of

Note: Your PC will need to be within the same IP address range: -

2. Once the system has booted, click the ‘change’ button to edit the IP address of the server.

3. Enter the IP address, subnet mask and gateway you wish to use for the server and press the ‘submit’ button.

4. After the server has restarted you will need to install the BMS software. Click the ‘install’ button on the screen and enter the relevant information. Username, password, email address, licence number and site name. Then press ‘authenticate’.

5. Once the installation is complete the system will reboot and you can login with your username and password.


Setup & get going

You are now all set up and ready to get going!

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Get Started

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