About Us

How We Came To Be

A few years ago we looked into the lack of open software in the BMCS industry and after some research and quite a few designs we decided to create our own Building Management and Controls System.

So we looked to IT industry standards to fulfil our requirement. From this investigation we found that we could create a full Building Management and Controls System without the complexity of installing software or complex licensing. But a simple web based controller with everything on-board.

Our Goal & Vision

When looking at the industry we found that there were lots of half solutions which went part way to solving today’s IT complications in a BMCS, but were not able to fully take advantage of the networks they were on.

Requiring plugins, firewalls modifications and other complicated IT modifications that many IT departments were often not prepared to do. Our Goal was to make the BMCS work in the IT infrastructure not make the IT infrastructure work for the BMCS.