Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I need the same kits loaded in controllers to copy and paste between them?
Support Team

No, only the kits you are using in the copy.

2. Can I link between controllers?
Support Team

Yes, it is very easy, in fact it is one of our tutorial videos, check it out on our videos page.

My First Order
1. If I have nothing what do I need to get started?
Support Team

You need to order:
1 x OpenBMCS S-DIN
1 x OpenManagement-5 Connections and
1 x FG-32

2. I have EasyIO / Sysmik controllers, can I use them or do I need to order new ones from you?
Support Team

EasyIO's FG series and 30p controllers work perfectly with our equipment, as does Sysmik's SCC series controllers. We load nothing special on the controllers, we sell them on site simply so people have access to options.

3. Can I order just the equipment without the licence and buy the licence after?
Support Team

Yes, a licence can be applied to any openManagement device. You can buy just the equipment and buy a licence when needed, so you have the stock but aren't also paying for the licence.

User Management
1. Can I stop people accessing the programming module?
Support Team

Of course, simply select 'none' on the user's permissions for the programming module and it will no longer appear on their dashboard.

2. Can I limit a user to only one section of graphics?
Support Team

Yes, simply change the root directory for the user to where you want them to start and apply.

1. Can a user change their own password?
Support Team

This is one of the benefits of this system. Not only can the user change their own password, they can also change their email address. If the user needs to change their password they don't need to contact anyone to make the change.

2. How do I change the email server?
Support Team

From the cog on the right hand side of the dashboard. Click on 'settings' and you will be able to set up an email login. Set it up just like you would for you own email client.

1. How do I back up my controllers?
Support Team

You can do this two ways:
1. If you are doing it for one controller click the 'controller edit button' -> click 'backups' -> click 'save backup' -> enter a backup name and it will do it for you.
2. Select the controllers you want to backup and click 'backup'. A box will appear prompting to name the backup. The system will complete the backup in background for you.

1. I need to set up a graph for the first Monday of the month. Can this be done?
Support Team

Yes, with our custom date function it is very easy to set this up. When you generate the graph, simply click the 'manage' button next to the date function to add your specific needs, simple.

1. I want to stop all alarms being delivered to my email during the night. Can this be done?
Support Team

Simply set up a schedule for your notifications. Click 'settings' in the left menu, for any notifications selected simply click 'schedule' and schedule the alert limits you want.

1. Can I add my own images?
Support Team

Yes, when you go to images click 'custom images' button and add them to your desired folder or create your own folder.

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